L-6 Steel

Steel name: L-6
Diagram No.: 1770
AISI/SAE designation: S7
UNS designation: T61206
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.65-0.75% C, 0.50% Si, 0.25-0.80% Mn, max. 0.030% P, max. 0.030% S, 0.60-1.20% Cr, 1.25-2.00% Ni, 0.20-0.30% V
Steel group: Tool steels
Applications: No data
Comment: L6 is an oil hardening steel for use in applications requiring a good combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. The additional nickel contained in this grade produces an alloy with greater toughness than the standard oil hardening types while retaining desirable hardness and wear resistance.
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Heat Treatment
Hardening: 1500-1550F. L6 should be preheated at 1200F, soaked, then raised to a hardening temperature of 1500 to 1550F and held for one hour per inch of greatest cross section. Quench in oil to a temperature of 1500F, followed immediately by tempering. Tools made of L-6 in sections less than 1 in. thickness are often air-quenched from 1500F. Air quenching provides safer hardening of intricate sections. It also results in less distortion than oil quenching.
Tempering: See the diagram

Tempering Diagram

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