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Database Features

Database version: 1.0
Number of carbides (records): 1434
Number of figures: 3796
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Number of carbides:
Alloyed steels: 28
Carbon steels: 107
Cast irons: 124
Chromium steels: 45
Cold work tool steels: 296
Creep resistant steels: 63
Hot work tool steels: 35
Molybdenum steels: 20
PM steels: 25
Stainless steels: 132
Structural steels: 14
Tool steels: 475
Vanadium steels: 13
White cast irons: 48
M2C carbides: 146
M3C carbides: 230
M7C3 carbides: 237
M23C6 carbides: 272
MC carbides: 254
Light microscopy: 710
EDS microanalysis: 169
Scanning electron microscopy: 345
Transmission electron microscopy: 414
X-Ray diffraction: 142

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