New Diagrams

0.18C-0.17Si-0.76Mn-0.54Cr-0.75Mo-1.76Ni Steel
0.21C-0.35Si-0.83Mn-0.97Cr-0.24Mo Steel
0.22C-0.36Si-0.56Mn-1.45Ni Steel
1040, 4140 Steels
1040, 4140, 4340, 5140, 8640 Steels
18CrMo4 Steel
18KhGN2MFB Steel
20KhN2M, 20Kh2N4A, 25Kh2GNTA, 25KhGT Steels
20MoCrS4 Steel
20NiCrMo2-2 Steel
20NiCrMo7 Steel
20NiMo9-7 Steel
25CrMo4 Steel
28Mn6 Steel
30CrNiMo8 Steel
30KhMA Steel
34CrNiMo6 Steel
36Mn5 Steel
40CrNiMoA Steel
4130H Steel
4140H Steel
4150H Steel
42CrMo4 Steel
42SiMn Steel
4340H Steel
45CrMnMo Steel
45Kh Steel
4620H Steel
4620H Steel
50CrMnVA Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
50CrV4, 30CrMoV9, 50CrMo4, 42MnV7, 37MnSi5, Ck45 Steels
5120H Steel
5132H Steel
5140 Steel
5145H Steel
51CrV4 Steel
5SiMnMoV Steel
6150H Steel
66SiMnCrMo6-6-4 Steel
8115H Steel
8617H Steel
8620 Steel
8620, 8630, 8640, 8660 Steels
8620H Steel
8640 Steel
8660H Steel
86B30H Steel
8740H Steel
8CrMnMo15-4 Steel
9260H Steel
9261H Steel
AISI 1040 and 6140 Steels
AISI 1045, 6140 Steels
AISI 1541, 4037, and 4140 Steels
AISI 4130 Steel
AISI 4142 Steel
AISI 4340 Steel
AISI 4620 Steel
AISI 6150 Steel
AISI 8620 Steel
BXM Steel
Boron Steels I
Boron Steels II
C35 Steel
C35E, C35R Steels
C40E, C40R Steels
C45E, C45R Steels
C50E, C50R Steels
C55 Steel
C55E Steel
C55E, C55R Steels
C60E, C50R Steels
Correlation of Hardenability and CCT Curve I
Correlation of Hardenability and CCT and TTT Curves II
Effect of C and Mn on the Hardenability Curves
En 8, En 24 Steels
FADC Steel
FADH Steel
FADS Steel
FDG Steel
FND Steel
Firmodur 6582 Steel
Function of Diameter for Cylindrical Bars
Hardenability Chart - AISI Steels
Hybrid 55 Steel
KrayLos 6959 Steel
Limiting values (+H grades) - EN Standard
ROLTEC, WEARTEC, AISI A2, D2 and D6 Steels
SAE 1030 Steel
SAE 1050, 2315, 5115, 6115 Steels
SAE 1060, 4068, 8660, 8744, 9262 Steels
X1320H Steel
X3312H Steel
X4317H Steel
X9315H Steel

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