Structural Steels

0.26C-0.60Mn-0.33Mo - 0.29C-1.0Mn-0.45Mo Steels
1.0050 Steel
1.0060 Steel
1.0070 Steel
1.1165 Steel
1.6582 Steel
1.6773 Steel
100CrMn6 Steel
1038 H Steel
1040, 4140, 4340, 5140, 8640 Steels
1045 H Steel
10Ni8 Steel
10NiCr5-4 Steel
10NiCr5-4 Steel
12Cr2Ni4 H Steel
12CrMo4 Steel
12CrMo4 Steel
12H2N4A Steel
12HN3A Steel
12X2H4A Steel
12XH3A Steel
1330 H Steel
1335 H Steel
1345 H Steel
13CrMo4-4 Steel
13Ni13Cr3 Steel
13NiCr6 (13NiCr6Pb) - 16NiCrS4 Steels
14B35, 4130 H Steels
14CrMoV6-9 Steel
14CrNi6 Steel
14NiCr10 Steel
1522 H Steel
1524 H Steel
1526 H Steel
1541 H Steel
15B21 H Steel
15B21 RH Steel
15B28 H Steel
15B28 H Steel
15B30 H Steel
15B35 H Steel
15B35 RH Steel
15B37 H Steel
15B41 H Steel
15B48 H Steel
15CrH Steel
15CrMnBH Steel
15CrMoH Steel
15CrNi6 Steel
15H Steel
15Ni7Cr4Mo2 Steel
15NiCrMo14 Steel
15X Steel
16CrMnH Steel
16Mn5Cr4 Steel
16MnCr5 Steel
16MnCrB5 Steel
16MnCrB5 Steel
16NiCr11 Steel
16NiCrMo12 Steel
16NiCrMo16-5 Steel
16NiCrMo2 Steel
17CrMnBH Steel
17CrNiMo6 Steel
17NiCrMo6 Steel
18CrNi6 Steel
18CrNi8 Steel
18CrNiMo14-6 Steel
18HGT Steel
18NiCr5-4 (18NiCr6-4) Steels
18NiCr5-4 Steel
18NiCrMo5 Steel
18XГT Steel
19MnB4 Steel
20Cr1H Steel
20CrH Steel
20CrMnH Steel
20CrMnMoH Steel
20CrMnTiH Steel
20CrMo2 Steel
20CrMoH Steel
20CrMoS4 Steel
20CrNi2MoH Steel
20CrNi3H Steel
20CrNi4 Steel
20CrNiMoH Steel
20HGR Steel
20HN3A Steel
20Mn5Cr5 Steel
20MnB4 Steel
20MnB4 Steel
20MnB4 Steel
20MnCr5 Steel
20MnTiBH Steel
20MnVBH Steel
20MoCr4 Steel
20Ni2Cr2Mo2 Steel
20Ni7Cr2Mo2 Steel
20NiCr6 Steel
20NiMoCr6-5 Steel
20X Steel
20XГT Steel
20XH3A Steel
21Cr4Mo2 Steel
21NiCrMo2 Steel
22CrMoH Steel
23CrMoB3-3 Steel
24CrMo5 Steel
24CrMo5 Steel
25CrMo4 Steel
25CrMo4/25CrMoS4 Steels
25CrMo4 Steel
25CrMo4 Steel
25CrMo4 Steel
25CrMoS4 Steel
25HGM Steel
25MoCr4 Steel
25XГM Steel
26CrMo4-2 Steel
27HGR Steel
27MnCrB5-2 Steel
27MnCrB5-2 Steel
27XГT Steel
28Mn6 Steel
28Mn6 Steel
28Mn6 Steel
28Mn6 Steel
28NiCrMo44 Steel
30CrMoV9 Steel
30CrMoV9 Steel
30CrMoV9 Steel
30CrMoV9 Steel
30CrNiMo8 Steel
30CrNiMo8 Steel
30CrNiMo8 Steel
30H Steel
30HGSA Steel
30HGT Steel
30HMA Steel
30Mn5 Steel
30Mn5 Steel
30NiCr11 Steel
30NiCrMo12 Steel
30X Steel
30XГCA Steel
30XГT Steel
30XMA Steel
31CrMo12 Steel
31CrMoV9 Steel
32CrMo12 Steel
3310 RH Steel
34Cr4 / 34CrS4 Steel
34Cr4 Steel
34CrAl6 Steel
34CrAlMo5 Steel
34CrAlNi7 Steel
34CrMo4 / 34CrMoS4 Steels
34CrMo4 / 34CrMoS4 Steels
34CrMo4 Steel
34CrMoS4 Steel
34CrNiMo6 Steel
34CrNiMo6 Steel
34CrNiMo6 Steel
34CrS4 Steel
35 Steel
35NiCr14-8 Steel
35S20 Steel
35X Steel
36CrMn5 Steel
36CrMn5 Steel
36CrNiMo4 Steel
36CrNiMo4 Steel
36CrNiMo4 Steel
36CrNiMo6 Steel
36Mn5 Steel
36Mn5 Steel
36NiCrMo16 Steel
37Cr4 / 37CrS4 Steels
37Cr4 Steel
37CrS4 Steel
37MnSi5 Steel
37MnSi5 Steel
37Mo2 Steel
38Cr2 Steel
38HS Steel
38MnVS6 (38MnSiVS5) Steel
38XC Steel
39MnCrB62 Steel
4027 H Steel
4027 RH Steel
4028 H Steel
4032 H Steel
4037 H Steel
4042 H Steel
4047 H Steel
40CrH Steel
40CrMo4 Steel
40H Steel
40HFA Steel
40Mn4 Steel
40MnBH Steel
40NiCrMo2-2 Steel
40NiCrMo8-4 Steel
40X Steel
40XФA Steel
4118 H Steel
4118 RH Steel
4120 H Steel
4120 RH Steel
4130 H Steel
4130 H Steel
4130 H Steel
4130 RH Steel
4130 Steel
4135 H Steel
4137 H Steel
4140 H Steel
4140 RH Steel
4140, 4340 and 1095 Steels
4142 H Steel
4142 Steel
4145 H Steel
4145 RH Steel
4147 H Steel
4150 H Steel
4161 H Steel
4161 RH Steel
41Cr4 / 41CrS4 Steels
41Cr4 Steel
41CrS4 Steel
42CrMo4 / 42CrMoS4 Steels
42CrMo4 Steel
42CrMo4 Steel
42CrMoH Steel
42CrMoS4 Steel
42CrMoS4 Steel
42Mn6 Steel
42MnV7 Steel
4320 H Steel
4320 RH Steel
4320, 4620, 4820, 8620, 9310 Steels
4340 H Steel
4340 Steel
45 Steel
45CrH Steel
45H Steel
45H Steel
45MnBH Steel
45X Steel
4620 H Steel
4620 RH Steel
4621H Steel
46Cr2 / 46CrS2 Steels
46Cr2 Steel
46CrS2 Steel
46Mn6 Steel
46MnVS6 (44MnSiVS6) Steel
4718 H Steel
4720 H Steel
4815 H Steel
4817 H Steel
4820 H Steel
4820 RH Steel
5046 H Steel
50B40 H Steel
50B40 RH Steel
50B44 H Steel
50B46 H Steel
50B50 H Steel
50B60 H Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
50CrV4 Steel
50HGFA Steel
5120 H Steel
5130 H Steel
5130 RH Steel
5132 H Steel
5135 H Steel
5140 H Steel
5140 RH Steel
5147 H Steel
5150 H Steel
5155 H Steel
5160 H Steel
5160 RH Steel
51B60 H Steel
51CrV4 Steel
53MnSi4-X-1 Steel
53MnSi4-X-1 Steel
55S2 Steel
58CrV4 Steel
59Si7 Steel
60CrB3 Steel
60CrMo3-1 Steel
60CrMo3-3 Steel
60CrMo3-3 Steel
60CrMo31 Steel
60CrMo31 Steel
60CrMo33 Steel
60S2 Steel
60S2G Steel
6118 H Steel
6150 H Steel
6150 Steel
81B45 H Steel
8617 H Steel
8620 H Steel
8620 RH Steel
8622 H Steel
8622 RH Steel
8625 H Steel
8627 H Steel
8630 H Steel
8637 H Steel
8640 H Steel
8640 H Steel
8642 H Steel
8645 H Steel
8650 H Steel
8655 H Steel
8660 H Steel
86B30 H Steel
86B45 H Steel
8720 H Steel
8720 RH Steel
8740 H Steel
8822 H Steel
8822 RH Steel
9.0Ni-0.1C Steel
9259 H Steel
9260 H Steel
9310 RH Steel
94B15 H Steel
94B17 H Steel
A 914 Grade 145RH Steel
A 914 Grade 15B21RH Steel
A 914 Grade 15B35RH Steel
A 914 Grade 3310RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4027RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4118RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4120RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4130RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4140RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4320RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4620RH Steel
A 914 Grade 4820RH Steel
A 914 Grade 50B40RH Steel
A 914 Grade 5130RH Steel
A 914 Grade 5140RH Steel
A 914 Grade 5160RH Steel
A 914 Grade 8620RH Steel
A 914 Grade 8622RH Steel
A 914 Grade 8720RH Steel
A 914 Grade 8822RH Steel
A 914 Grade 9310RH Steel
AISI 1040 and 6140 Steels
AISI 5160H Steel
C15E Steel
C20E2C (Cq22) Steel
C22E (Ck22) - C22R (Cm22) Steels
C35 Steel
C35E / C35R / Cf35 Steels
C35E Steel
C35E Steel
C35E Steel
C35E4 Steel
C35EC Steel
C35EC (Cq35) Steel
C35R (Cm35) Steel
C40E (Ck40) Steel
C40E4 Steel
C4130 Steel
C4133 Steel
C4134 Steel
C4180 Steel
C4181 Steel
C4184 Steel
C4320 Steel
C4321 Steel
C4381 Steel
C4382 Steel
C45 Steel
C4520 Steel
C45E (Ck45) - C45R (Cm45) Steels
C45E / C45R / Cf45 Steels
C45E Steel
C45EC (Cq45) Steel
C45EC Steel
C4721 Steel
C4731 Steel
C4732 Steel
C4733 Steel
C4734 Steel
C4738 Steel
C4781 Steel
C4782 Steel
C4783 Steel
C4830 Steel
C50E (Ck50) Steel
C50E Steel
C50E4 Steel
C5421 Steel
C5430 Steel
C5431 Steel
C5432 Steel
C55E / C55R Steels
C55E Steel
C55E Steel
C55E4 Steel
C55R (Cm55) Steel
C60 Steel
C60 Steel
C60E Steel
C60E Steel
C60E/C60R Steels
C60E4 Steel
C60R (Cm60) Steel
C67 Steel
C68 Steel
C7420 Steel
C7421 Steel
C7480 Steel
C7481 Steel
Ck15 Steel
Ck22.8 Steel
Ck22.8 Steel
Ck35 Steel
Ck45 Steel
Ck55 Steel
Ck60 Steel
E 4340 H Steel
E 9310 H Steel
HFX 8090 Steel
L20HM, L20G Steels
MK 101 Steel
SCM 415 H Steel
SCM 418 H Steel
SCM 420 H Steel
SCM 425 H Steel
SCM 435 H Steel
SCM 440 H Steel
SCM 445 H Steel
SCM 822 H Steel
SCr 415 H Steel
SCr 420 H Steel
SCr 430 H Steel
SCr 435 H Steel
SCr 440 H Steel
SMn 420 H Steel
SMn 433 H Steel
SMn 438 H Steel
SMn 443 H Steel
SMnC 420 H Steel
SMnC 443 H Steel
SNC 415 H Steel
SNC 631 H Steel
SNC 815 H Steel
SNCM 220 H Steel
SNCM 420 H Steel
SWRCHB 223 Steel
SWRCHB 237 Steel
SWRCHB 320 Steel
SWRCHB 323 Steel
SWRCHB 331 Steel
SWRCHB 334 Steel
SWRCHB 420 Steel
SWRCHB 526 Steel
SWRCHB 620 Steel
SWRCHB 623 Steel
SWRCHB 726 Steel
SWRCHB 734 Steel
WL 1.5924 Steel
WL 1.5934 Steel
WL 1.7214 Steel

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