Carbides in Alloyed Steels

(Cr,Mn)C carbides in TRIP steel
(Mo,V)2C, (Fe,Mo)6C and VC carbides in high speed steel produces by CDC process
Carbide phases in T25 and P91 creep resisting steels
Carbides in 100Cr6 steel
Carbides in 12Cr and 8Cr steels
Carbides in 16MnCr5 steel - As-received steel
Carbides in 16MnCr5 steel - Heat treated steel I
Carbides in 16MnCr5 steel - Heat treated steel II
Carbides in 16MnCr5 steel - Heat treated steel III
Carbides in AISI M1 high speed steels
Carbides in AISI P91 steel
Carbides in SAE 8620 steel
Carbides in Vanadis PM steel
Carbides in alloyed steel
Carbides in high speed steel
Carbides in high speed steel
Cementite in 0.30% C carbon steel
Cementite in 1.31C-0.35Mn-0.25Si steel
Cementite in 100Cr6 steel
Cementite in 9310 alloy steel
Cementite in AISI 5160 steel
Cementite in W1 steel I
Cementite in W1 steel II
Cementite in X12Cr13 steel
Cementite phases in carbon steel
Chromium carbides in 100Cr6 steel
Chromium carbides in 3% chromium steel for rolls
Etchants for carbides in steels
Fe3C carbides in W1 steel
Fine transition carbides in medium carbon steel
Heavy grain boundary carbide networks in failed 8620 mold
Intergranular cementite in AISI 9310 steel
M23(C,B)6 carbides in microalloyed constructional steel
M23C6 carbides in Fe-18Mn-0.75C-1.7Al-0.5Si steel
M23C6 carbides in HSLA-type microalloyed steel
M23C6 carbides in P91 steel
M23C6, M2C and M6C carbides in low alloy Cr-Mo-Ni-V steel
M2C, M3C, M23C6 and M7C3 carbides in 13CrMo4-5 steel
M2C, M7C3, M23C6 and M6C carbides in 2.25Cr-1Mo steel
M2C, M7C3, M23C6 carbides in 2.25Cr1.5Mo and 3Cr1.5Mo steels
M3C and M7C3 carbides in 0.1C-0.9Cr-V steels
M3C and epsilon carbides in 1.22C-1.93Mn-1.52Cr-0.36Mo steel
M3C, M23C6 carbides in 1.6580 steel
M7C3 and M23C6 carbides in 2.25Cr-1.0Mo steel
MC, M2C, M3C, M7C3, M23C6 and M6C carbides in 2CrMoNiWV creep resistant steel V
MX, M2X carbides in 1.6949 steel
MX, M3C and M7C3 phases in Cr-V low-alloyed steel
MX, M3C, M7C3, M23C6 carbides in 17CrMoV10 steel
Massive cementite particles in SAE 8620 alloy steel
Mo2C carbides in Fe-0.35C-0.9Mo steel
Mo2C carbides in Fe-4Mo-0.2C steel
Nanosize cementite in unalloyed steel
NbC carbides in high-strength low-alloy steel with Nb
NbC in cast irons
Network of cementite in Fe -0.94% C -0.51% Mn-0.32% Si-1.34% Cr steel
Precipitates in HSLA steel
Proeutectoid cementite in Fe-1% C steel
Time-temperature-precipitation diagrams (TTP) for low alloyed steels
Undissolved cementite in 5160 alloy steel
V4C3 carbides in 2CrMoNiWV creep resistant steel I
V6C5 carbides in microalloyed steel
VC and M6C carbides in plasma nitrided samples of M2 high speed steel
VC carbides in Fe-3.3C-9.2V-2Si steel
VC carbides in Fe-0.25V-0.05C steel
VC, Mo2C, M23C6 carbides in 1.6985 steel

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