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M3C, M2X, MX, M7C3 and M23C6 carbides in alloy steels
Alloy carbides
Carbide extraction from the stabilised austenitic cast steels
Carbide extraction methods
Carbon and formvar extraction replicas
Carbon extraction replica preparation
Carbide extraction from the Weldox steel
Carbides in bainite or in tempered bainite
Crystallographic data of carbides, nitrides and other compounds
Crystal type, lattice constant, melting point and hardness of different carbides
Carbides in ICDD database
Distribution of alloying elements
Effect of alloying elements in creep resistant steels
Electrolytes used for carbides extraction
Etchants for carbides in steels
Hardness of various carbide types in HiCr cast steel rolls
Hardness of carbides in tool steels and of other hard substances
Hardness of M7C3 carbides in Cr white cast iron
Hardness of different carbides
Influence of alloying elements on steel microstructure
Lattice constants of carbides in steels
Methods of extracting fine precipitates
Ordered phases, antiphase boundaries of thermal origin, apbs produced by deformation, superlattice dislocations, coherent, ordered precipitates
Secondary phases in stainless steels
Steels with high chromium and/or nickel contents
Precipitates in ferritic steels
Precipitates in austenitic steels
Procedures for electrolytic extraction of carbides
The effect of alloying elements on steel properties
Tempering of martensite

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