Macro Defects (150 Examples)

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13/3-in.-diam gage - Tool steels - Fractography - Heat treatment defects
4.7 t ingot made of 18Kh2N4VA steel - Ingot defects
4375 part failed due to over-austenitization - Fractography
A clean break indicates a sudden shockload failure - Gear defects - Other defects
A crack in the shroud of a low pressure steam turbine - Other defects
A longitudinal groove on the internal surface along the top of the tub - Corrosion defects
A rough substrate surface - Galvanizing - Coating defects
A typical circumferential crack formed during the open-die forging - Ingot defects
Abrasive wear - Bearing defects
Acid corrosion at welds - Corrosion defects
Adhesion failure - Coating defects
Alligatoring - 9Cr-1Mo steel - Rolling defects
Alligatoring in a rolled slab - Rolling defects
Alloy depletion in AISI 4140 steel - Heat treatment defects
Appearance of 120 ton-class 9CrMoCoB steel of ESR ingot - ESR ingot defects
Arc damage - Hard chrome plating - Coating defects
Axial crack I - Bearing defects
Axial crack II - Bearing defects
Axial scratches on raceway surface - Bearing defects
Axial shrinkage - Casting defects
Bad spheroidised annealing structure - Heat treatment defects
Barberpole - Heat treatment defects
Belt pattern of electrical corrosion accompanied by pits on the raceway surface - Bearing defects
Bending fatigue - Gear defects - Other defects
Blast furnace gas scrubber-Plate-Carbonic acid corrosion - Corrosion defects
Blisters - Heavy plate defects - Rolling defects
Blow holes - Rolling defects
Blow holes and open blow - Casting defects
Blowhole segregation at the ingot centre or below the ingot surface - ESR ingot defects
Blowholes - Slab defects
Blowholes - Slab defects
Blowholes/pinholes - Casting defects
Bluish or purplish discoloration on raceway surface - Bearing defects
Body line slivers - Hot rolled products - Rolling defects
Bolt hole crack - Rail defects
Brinelling - Bearing defects
Brittle fracture of Fe 2.2% Si slab - Fractography
Broken base - Rail defects
Broken corners - Slab defects
Broken mould - Mould - Casting defects
Burst at the bulging - 1.7709 steel - Cold drawing defects
Carbon monoxide blowhole - Casting defects
Carbon segregation map - 3.3 t ingot - Ingot defects
Centerline segregation - Slab defects
Centerline segregation - Slab defects
Central discontinuity - Forging defects
Chain and wire marks - Hot-dip galvanized coating - Coating defects
Chicken cracks - Grinding cracks - Machining defects
Circular spall in hardened steel roll - Fractography
Clash shifting I - Gear defects - Other defects
Cokey center, pits, and dendritic pattern - Forging defects
Cold crack - Welding defects
Cold solder - Metal can defects - Coating defects
Corner cracks - Slab defects
Crack - Forged bar - Forging defects
Cracked in sharp cornes - Tool steels - Fractography - Heat treatment defects
Cracked upset forged EX33 - Forging defects
Cracks - Pipeline defects
Cracks - Rail defects
Cracks on the surface of an S355J2-NbTi steel - Slab defects
Cross-section fractures - Slab defects
Cut-down flange I - Metal can defects - Coating defects
Damaged rail - Rail defects
Deep oscillation marks - Slab defects
Dicontinuities - Casting defects
Die casting dies corrosion - Tool steel defects
Different types of cracks in bars and retired-for-cause piping welds - Welding defects
Distorted crank case - Bearing defects
Double end - Metal can defects - Coating defects
Dross - Casting defects
Edge mapping due to solvent penetration - Paint defects - Coating defects
Ejection die - Tool steel defects
Entrapped gas, heavy segregation, voids, and ingot pattern - Forging defects
Example of a manufacturing defect - Pipeline defects
Example of external corrosion - Pipeline defects
Example of measurements of the heat affected zone depth and the depth of weld penetration - Welding defects
Examples of unacceptable surface finishes - Machining defects
Excessive quenching-stress - Tool steels - Fractography
Excessive solder - Metal can defects - Coating defects
Excessive weld reinforcement - Welding defects
Expansion scab - Casting defects
Failure of a long I-beam. - Fractography - Rail defects
Fatigue failure (pitting) - Gear defects - Other defects
Fisheye - Welding defects
Flakes - Forged bar - Forging defects
Flakes - Tool steels - Heat treatment defects
Flat shoulder tool welded plate - Welding defects
Flattened rail - Rail defects
Forge burst - Forging defects
Fretting corrosion - Bearing defects
Grinding cracks - Machining defects
Grinding cracks caused by failure to temper a part - Machining defects - Fractography
Grinding cracks-network - Machining defects
Head checks - Rail defects
Header dies used for hot-heading of bolts - Tool steels - Fractography
Heat checked surface of failed hot work die steel after extensive service - Fractography
Holes - Slab defects
Hot top cavity - ESR ingot defects
Hydrogen embrittlement Failure of a rocket suspension lug - Fractography
Incipient melting - Heat treatment defects
Inclusion - Slab defects
Lamination - Cold rolling defects
Machining surface defect - AISI 1215 steel - Machining defects
Metal dusting II - Corrosion defects
Metal loss - Pipeline defects
Micropitting and macropitting - Gear defects - Other defects
Mini-spanglizer - Galvanizing - Coating defects
Misrun - Casting defects
Mold burned onto ingot 1.2. - Ingot defects
Orange peeling - Coating defects
Outside diameter corrosion Unacceptable - Bearing defects
Overlap - Welding defects
Overpickled surface - 1.4305 steel - Cold drawing defects
Pick-up - Other defects
Pincher - 1.4016 steel - Cold drawing defects
Pipe - Ingot defects
Pits on polished face of AISI A2 tool steel mold - Polishing defects
Pits on polished face of AISI A2 tool steel mold - Polishing defects - Demo Record
Pits on polished face of AISI A2 tool steel mold - Polishing defects - Demo Record
Plain dents - Pipeline defects
Porosity - Casting defects in the block window II - Casting defects
Power station cooling system-Sieve from steam condenser cooling water system-Crevice corrosion - Corrosion defects
Premature tempering accounted for the cracking during treatment of this 21-in.-OD ring die - Tool steels - Fractography - Heat treatment defects
Punch - Tool steels - Fractography
Residual stress due to heating and cooling - Heat treatment defects
Rippled surface - Ingot defects
Roll burst - Rolling defects
Roll marks - Hot rolled products - Rolling defects
Rolling fin - 1.2381 steel - Cold drawing defects
Root crack I - Gear defects - Other defects
S7 angle shear blade - Grinding cracks - Machining defects
Scale pattern - Rolling defects
Scale pits/scabs - Cold rolled uncoated sheet - Rolling defects
Scratch after grinding - 1.4104 steel - Cold drawing defects
Secondary scales due to poor descaling - Hot rolled products - Rolling defects
Slag under the surface - 1.4105 steel - Cold drawing defects
Soft arcing - ESR ingot defects
Spalling - Bearing defects
Spatter - Welding defects
Steam condensate system-Upper part of horizontal condensate pipe- Cavitation - Corrosion defects
Stress crack at the wire - 1.7707 steel - Cold drawing defects
Stricker mark - Heat treatment defects
Sulfur print I - Other defects
Surface mottling (pits) - Forging defects
Thermal fatigue - Casting defects
Tooth bending failure from inclusions - Gear defects - Other defects
Vibration I - Gear defects - Other defects
Wear tracks - Hard Cr coating - Coating defects
Zn coating I - Coating defects
Zn coating II - Coating defects

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