Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chemicals Name
Ace Acetone
AGW Alcohol/Glycol/Water
BC Butyl Cellusolve
BHF Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid
BRM Bromine: Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)
CRY Cryogenic (Gas) Liquid
LCl2 Chlorine
LH Liquid Hydrogen
LHe Liquid Helium
LN2 Liquid Nitrogen
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LAR Liquid Argon
Lair Liquid Air
DCE Dry Chemical Etching (ionized gas)
EA Ethylene Acetate
ED Ethylenediamine
EDP ED:Pyrocatachol
EG Ethylene Glycol
EOH Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)
FG Forming Gas (85 % N2:15 % H2)
Gly Glycerin
HAc (Glacial) acetic acid
HOAc (Glacial) acetic acid
GAA (Glacial) acetic acid
IPA Isopropyl Alcohol
ISO Isopropyl Alcohol
KEY Ketone (ref:acetone)
MEK Methyl Ethyl Ketone
MeOH Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)
PCE Perchloroethylene
Perk Perchloroethylene
PG Propylene Glycol
P/R Photo Resist (Lacquer) (SH-Shipley, AZ-Horscht, COP-Similar to AZ-types, KMER-KM series no loger used, PMMA-Designet for electron litography
TCA Trichloroethane
TCE Trichloroethylene
Crystal, Physics Name
G(SG) Specific Gravity (geology)
g/cm3 Density (SG) (chemistry)
H Hardness (Mohs geology), Brinell Hardness - (metals), Knoop Hardness (metals/materials), Rockwell Hardness (metals), Shore Hardness (rubber/plastic), Vickers Hardness (metals)
n Refractive Index (Isometric System)
bcc body-centered cubic
fcc face-centered cubic
hcp hexagonal close-packed
tcp tetragonal close-packed
alpha, beta, delta tetragonal and other axes
Crystals, planes -
(111)/(100) Specific plane (Miller Indices) (xxx) parentheses
{110} All planes of this type {xxx} brackets
<221> Plane directions <xxx> hachures
(10TO) Hexagonal System (4-axes). May be as: (10.0)
(TTT) Negative over-script "T" denotes negative crystal axis.
Crystal Structure Name
c colloidal (c-Si)
a amorphous (a-Ge)
c crystalline (c-Si)
poly polycrystalline (poly-Si) = crystalline
me microcrystalline (mc-Si)
mu microcrystalline (mu-Si) (Greek letter "mu" = µ)
Mc macrocrystalline (Mc-Si)
i/DLC Diamond-Like Carbon (i-C/DLC)
xtl single crystal
sxtl single crystal
bixtl bicrystal
r ribbon crystal (dendritic)
GB grain boundary
Etching Name
WCE Wet Chemical Etching (WF=Wet Format, e.g., liquids, etc.)
EE Electrolytic Etching (EF=Electrolytic Format)
DCE Dry Chemical Etching (DF=Dry Format, e.g., ionized gas)
Process/Equipment Equipment Microscopes Name
AES Auger Electron Microscope
EDX Energy Dispersive X-ray
ESCA Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
FIM Field Ion Microscope
HEED High Energy Electron Diffraction
LEED Low Energy Electron Diffraction
PLM Polarized Infrared Microscope
SAM Scanning Auger Microscope
SIMS Secondary Ion-Mass Spectroscopy
SLAM Scanning Laser Acoustic
UPS Ultraviolet Photo-Electron Spectroscopy
XPA X-ray Photo-Electron Spectroscopy
SEM Scanning Electron Microscope
TEM Transmission Electron Microscope
Chemical Vapor Deposition Name
CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
APCVD Atmospheric Pressure CVD
HOMOCVD Homogeneous CVD
HPCVD High Pressure CVD
OMCVD Organo-metallic CVD
PECVD Plasma Enhanced CVD
VHPCVD Very High Pressure CVD
HMCVD Horizontal Magnetic CVD
VMCVD Vertical Magnetic CVD
Epitaxy Growth (Epi) Name
HEP Horizontal Epitaxy
HPE Horizontal Phase Epitaxy
HWE Hot-Wall Epitaxy
LPE Liquid Phase Epitaxy
CCLPE Current Controlled LPE
L-SPE Lateral Solid Phase Epi
VEP Vertical Epitaxy
VPE Vapor Phase Epitaxy
V-SPE Vertical Solid Phase Epi
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Growth Systems, general Name
CZ Czochralski (pulled xtl)
FZ Float Zone (solid xtl)
BM Bridgman Method
**HB Horizontal Bridgman
VB Vertical Bridgman
EFG Edge Defined Film Fed Growth (ribbon xtl) + other acronyms by developers
VM Verneiul Method (hot droplet)
LEVCZ Levitation CZ (development for space application)
LEC Liquid Encapsulated CZ
MFG(FS) Molten Flux Growth or Fused Salt (Note: xtls may be contaminated by flux)
HEM Heater Enhance Method (poly CZ type)
Vapor Transport Deposition Name
VT Vapor Transport
CSVT Close-Spaced VT
Element Doping/Deposition Name
ALY Alloy into material (Al into silicon is Square Law)
DIF Diffuse element into material (B, Sb, As, etc., is Gaussian Diffusion Law).
I2 Ion implantation (Si+ ionized particle at eV/MeV energy levels, also, Gaussian).
EVAP/M Metal evaporation + thermal
DEC/M Drive-in (also used to metal decorate defects/decoration)
EVAP/Ox Oxide deposit with doping element as glass (ASG, BSG, PSG, BPSG, etc., and may be a nitride as final coat or for thermal drive-in)
SSDIF Solid-Solid Diffusion (may be Solid Phase Epi, SPE)
CONV Evaporate metal + thermal conversion, e.g., Silicides. (MoSi, MO2Si, MoSi2, etc.)
OX Oxidation (Wet, Dry, Steam or SILOX System). Also electrolytic.
W/Mo Std light filaments, white
SILOX Oxidation from SiH4:O2/N2 300500 oC
RF/DC RF/DC Plasma deposition of oxides, nitrides, metals and compounds under vacuum
V-MET Metal(s) evaporation under vacuum (metallization). With RF/DC Plasma as metallization or thin film compound deposition
RF-MAG RF magnetron deposition. Magnet enhances deposition rate/opn
EB/E-Beam Election Beam metallization (260oC bent beam now common)
PD Pyrolitic Deposition {See: CVD)
Etching Systems/Methods Name
IM Ion Milling (pattern ion gas etch of thin films)
EBL Electron Beam Lithography (ref: P/R with PMMA)
MFE Molten Flux Etching
PE Plasma Etching
PL Photolithography
RIE Reactive Ion Etching
IE Ion Etching (nonreactive)
PR Photo Resist
Water, H2O Name
Recire Recirculating water
DI Distilled
dd) double distilled (2d) (2DI
ddd triple distilled (3d) (3DI)
Hi-Q DI + ion exchange
HQ High Quality
dm Demineralized
di Deionized
Others Name
RT Room temperature (20-25 oC)
IR Infrared light (below VL)
UV Ultaviolet light (above VL)
VL Visible light spectrum, white
D.C. (d.c.) Direct Current Circuits
A.C. (a.c.) Alternating Current Circuits
CD Current Density (A/cm2, A/mm2, ...)

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