Metallographic Vendors

Agar Scientific Ltd.
66a Cambridge Road
CM24 8DA Stansted
Tel: +44 1279 81 35 19
Fax: +44 1279 81 51 06
Grids, calibration specimen, tweezers, small tools, light microscope accessories, optical aids, steroscopy, specimen preparation equipment, biological specimen preparation, chemicals, materials science specimen preparation, image storage and analys is, photo materials and equipment, cleaninig materials, safety equipment, publications, starters kits.

Allied High Tech Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 4608
2376 E. Pacifica Place
Rancho Dominquez, CA 90220
Tel: 800 950 9347, 310 635 2466
Fax: 310 762 6808
Products for metallographic and electron microscopy preparation; diamond suspensions, diamond and silicone carbide powders, lapping films, diamond blades, epoxies, waxes, collodial silica suspensions, polishing cloths, polishing machines, sectioning saws.

Buehler, Inc.
41 Waukegan Rd.
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Tel: 708 295 6500
Fax: 708 295 7979
Manual and automatic grinding and polishing machines, cutting machines, metallographic accessories and consumables, ultrasonic cleaners, optical microscopes and image analysis systems, hardness testers, sample mounting press, electro-polishing devices, low speed cutting saw, vacuum impregnation units.

Electron Microscopy Sciences
P.O. Box 251 321 Morris Road Fort Washington, Pa 19034
Fax: 215646-8931
Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete line of chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for electron and light microscopy and histology, as well as general laboratory, materials, metallurgical, and biological studies. Included in their line are grids, calibration standards, apertures, filaments, specimen preparation equipment, embedding supplies, immunolabels, dyes, stains, film and darkroom supplies, tweezers, SEM mounts and sample holders, cryo supplies, illuminators, magnifiers, graticules, microwave ovens, oscillating tissue slicers, coaters, etch facilities, glow discharge units, freeze and critical point driers, plasma ashers, turbo evaporators, and much much more.

Leco Corporation
3000 LakeView
St. Joseph, MI 49085
Tel: 616 983 5531
Fax: 616 983 3850
Abrasive cut-off machines, manual and automatic grinding and polishing machines, ultrasonic cleaners, desiccator cabinets, electro-polishers, metallographic supplies, metalurgical optical microscopes, hardness testers, image analysis systems.

South Bay Technology, Inc.
1120 Via Callejon
San Clemente, CA 92672
Tel: 714 492 2600
Fax: 714 492 1499
Precision sample preparation instruments for lapping and polishing, crystal orientation, cutting and sectioning, TEM sample preparation and damage free sample preparation.

SPI Supplies
Division of Structure Probe, Inc.
P.O.Box 656
West Chester, PA 19381-0656
Tel: (610) 436 5400
Fax: (610) 436 5755
Tweezers & small tools, grids, SEM mounts, specimen preparation supplies, instruments for specimen preparation, chemicals, diamond knives & microtomy, standards & calibaration aids, cleaning supplies & desiccators, light microscope accessories, photographic materials, microscopy books.

Valhojs Alle 176
DK-2610 Redovre
Tel: +45 36 70 80 90
Fax: +45 31 41 65 44
Manual and automatic grinding and polishing machines, optical microscopes, metallographic supplies, mounting materials, micro indentation measurement systems, image analysis systems, vacuum impregnation units, ultrasonic devices, electro-polishing units.

TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd.
3 Minerva House
Calleva Industrial Park
Aldermaston,Berkshire RG7 4QW
Tel: 0734 817 775
Fax: 0734 817 881
Grids & support films, filaments & apertures, calibration , specimen preparation, filtration, sectioning, tweezers & small tools, SEM & TEM coating units, vacuum evaporators, TEM & SEM supplies, material science, image analysis, ultrasonic & cleaning supplies, water coolers, light microscopy, magnifiers & stereoscopes, storage & disposable ware, photography, safety & protection, books & charts, chemical section.

Ted Pella, Inc.
4595 Mountain Lakes Blvd.
Redding 96003-1448, CA
Tel:916 243 2200
Fax: 916 243 3761
Ted Pella,Inc. has been suppling the Microscopy community with Supplies and Aaccessories for over 28 years.Tweezers, grids, standards, sputter coaters,microwave processors, light microscopes, consumables, digital imaging equipment, critical, point dryers, diamond knives, photography supplies and more.

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