Pull Out
Example: Inclusions pulled out. Scratches orginating from the pulled out inclusions can be seen,
Mag. 100x, DIC.

Pull-outs are the cavities left after grains or particles which are torn out of the sample surface during abrasion. They are found in hard and brittle materials, and in materials with inclusions. Hard or brittle materials can not be deformed plastically, so small parts of the surface material shatter and may fall out or be pulled out by the polishing cloth. Inclusions may also be brittle ir have other thermal expansion values than the matrix. In this case, the relatively loose or broken inclusions can be pulled out by long naped polishing cloth.

Reference: Metalog Guide, page 76-77, Struers A/S, 2610 Rodovre, Dennmark. Note: Image and text by courtesy of Struers A/S company.

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