Demo Files

”Laced” picric acid etchant
10% Nital
ASTM E407 number 220 etchant
ASTM etchant #108
ASTM etchant #127-Acetic-picral
Adler etchant
Al-Cu alloys-Alloys with 10-45% Cu
Al-Cu alloys-Electro thinning
Al-Mg alloy-Alloy with 1-8 at.% Mg
Al-Mg-Si alloys-Electro thinning
Alcoholic ferric chloride etchant
Alloy No. 25-Chemical etching
Aluminium alloys-1xxx series alloys
Aluminum alloys-Color etching
Aluminum alloys-Color etching
Ammonium persulphate etchant
Anodic treatment
Aqua regia
Baumann's print
Beraha etchant
Beraha etchant
Beraha's CdS and PbS reagents
Beraha's selenic acid atch for steels and superalloys
Beraha's selenic acid etch for copper
Beraha's sodium molybdate etch for steels
Beraha`s tint etch for iron and steels
Beryllium and its alloys-Works best on coarse grained Be
Beta alumina-90.4% Al2O3, 8.9% Na2O, 0.7% Li2O
Bronze (up to 6% Sn)-Electrolytic polishing
C as single crystal graphite specimens-Gas oxidation
Cast irons-Chemical etching
CdO native oxide-Chemical etching
CdS (0001) wafers-Chemical cleaning
CdSe (0001)-Chemical cleaning
CdSe (1010) cleaved wafers-Light, reactive
Ceramics, borides (Ti)-TiB2
Ceramics, carbides (Mo, Cr)-MoC2, CrC2
Ceramics, nitrides (Si)-Si3N4
Chromium specimens-Electrolytic and chemical etching
Co-Cr-Ni alloys-For identification of sigma phase. Co-Cr-Ni alloys. For replica electron microscopy use Murakami reagent
Co-Pr alloys-Chemical etching
Cobalt and alloys-Hexagonal Co. For optical and electron microscopy
Cobalt and cobalt alloys-Chemical etching
Copper and copper alloys-Cold worked brasses
Copper and copper alloys-Coppers, brasses, nickel silver; darkening large areas of beta in alpha-beta brass
Cu (111) wafers-Gas cleaning
Cu-Al-Mn alloys-Alloys with 3-4% Cu, 0.5 Mn
Cu-Cr-Zr alloy-Chemical etching
Cu2O material-Chemical polishing
CuS specimens-Chemical etching
Determining grain structure in A356 aluminum
Dual phase steel etchants-Chemical etching
Electrolytic etching in chlorhydric acid
Emanuel reagent
Etchant for delta ferrite in stainless steels
Etchants for Inconel-X alloy
Fe-Al-C alloys-Alloys with 7% Al and 1-2% C
Fe-Ni-C alloy-Electro polishing
Fry’s reagent
Ga-In-Sb specimens-In(x)Ga(1-x)Sb
Gadolinium molybdate (Beta-Gd2(MoO4)3)-Chemical etching
Gallium phosphide (GaP)-Etching (chemical polishing)
Germanium-Electrolytic polishing
Germanium-Final chemical polishing
Germanium-For removal of surface damage
Giometto and Capella etchant
Humphrey’s reagent
In2Te3 specimens-Chemical polishing
Iron and steel specimens-lain and alloy steel specimens, high speed steel specimens
Iron specimen-Electro thinning
Keller’s reagent
Klemm's etchant II
Lead oxide-vanadium oxide-germanium oxide glass (Ge-O-Pb-V)-4/55 V2O5-1/36 PbO-65/9 GeO2
Lenoirs reagent
Macro etchant for Mg and Mg alloys
Macro etchant for Pb and Pb alloys
Macro etchant for steels
Macro etchant for zinc base alloys
Mg-Li alloy-Alloy with 10.5 at.% Li
Mg-Pb alloys-Dendritic structure of cast alloys for SEM examination will be revealed by deep ecthing
Mn-Se-S system-MnSe-MnS solid solution. To remove disurbed layers
Modified LBH etchant
Murakami etchant
Ni-Cr-Al-Ti-C alloys-10-12% Cr, 5-6% Al, 1% Ti, 0.1% C
Ni-Ga alloys-Alloy with approx. 50 at.% Ga
Nickel superalloys-Macrostructure clearly revealed
ORNL color etch for molybdenum
Pb-Li alloys (Pb rich)-Chemical etching
PdAg alloy-Chemical etching
Phosphides, sulfides (U)-US (toxic)
Picric Acid + HCl
Pu-Fe-C alloys-Final electrolytic polishing
Pyromet 860 alloy-Fe-43Ni-12.6Cr-6Mo-4Co-3Ti-1.25Al (+B)
Retained austenite etchant I
Retained austenite etchant II
Retained austenite etchant III
Russell’s reagent
Si (100), (111), (110) and (112) wafers-Dash etchant, modified
Si (111), n-type, 3-5 Ohm cm resistivity wafers-Chemical cleaning
Si3N4-Chemical etching
Silver-cadmium (Ag-Cd)-Electric contact material
Sm-Co alloys-Chemical etching
Stainless and high temperature steel specimens-Stainless steel specimens and high temperature alloys
Stainless steel-Electrolytic polishing
Stainless steel-Electrolytic polishing
Stainless steel-Good for all austenitic heat resistant alloys, 100 F plus
Stainless steels-Color etching
Stead’s reagent
Steel BRU (Mat.No. 11.3207, DIN S10-4-3-10, AISI T42)
Steels specimens-Cast irons, steels, tool steels, manganese steels, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels
Sulphur printing
Tucker’s reagent
Udimet 700-Stain etch for inclusions
Weck's tint etch for alpha Ti-Chemical etching

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