Etchants (172 records)

3:2:1 etchant - Nickel superalloys
50% HCl electrolytic - Nickel superalloys
ABS, HIPS and PPO - Chemical etching
ASTM etchant No. 106 - High temperature steels - Chemical etching
ASTM etchant No. 126 - Mg-Al, Mg-Al-Zn (Al + Zn <5%
ASTM etchant No. 137 - Pure Ni and high Ni alloys
ASTM etchant No. 145 - Ni-Cr alloys - Electrolytic etching
ASTM etchant No. 148 - Ni-Fe
ASTM etchant No. 171 - Hydrochloric acid - Rhodium
Ag thin films - Chemical etching
Ag-Th alloys - Chemical etching
AgCl (100) bars, AgCl single crystal specimens - Chemical etching
AgInSe2 single crystals - Chemical etching
Al and Al alloys - Chemical etching
Al and Al alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Al-Cu alloy - Alloy with 9.5% Al
Al-Cu alloy - Eletrolytic thinning
Al-Cu alloys - Chemical etching - General macrostructure
Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy - 7075 alloy 5.5-5.8% Zn, 2.1-2.6% Mg, 1.6-1.7% Cu
Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys - Chemical etching
All materials - EBSD sample preparation
Alloy 718 - Electrolytic etching
Alloy 718 - Electrolytic polishing
Alumina-Al2O3 - Chemical polishing
Aluminium - Chemical polishing
Aluminium and alloys - Restoration of obliterated marks
Aqua Regia - Austenitic stainless steels - Chemical etching
Aqua Regia - Molybdenum - Chemical etching
Armco Fe - Dislocation etching
Austenitic Mn steels - Chemical etching
Austenitic stainless steels - Chemical etching
BaTiO3 - Dislocation etching
Bechet and Beaujard's etchant - Martensitic and bainitic steels - Chemical etching
Beryllium - Technical types of Be - Especially with large grain siz
Berzelius etchant - For dissolving the Fe matrix in the steel samples
Bi(2-y)Sb(y)Te(x)Se(3-x)-BiSbTeSe alloys
Bismuth - Chemical etching
Bismuth - Electrolytic polishing
C (diamond) - Dislocation etching
C26000 alloy - Brass
CP4 etchant - Silicon - Chemical polishing
CaCO3 r(1011) cleaved wafers - Dislocation etching
CaWO4 (001) wafers - Chemical etching
Cadmium - Electrolytic polishing
Canada's etchant - Nickel superalloys
Carbon and alloy steel specimens - Segregation, porosity, hardness penetration, cracks
Carbon steels - Electrolytic polishing
Carpenter specialty alloys
Caustic etchant - Al and Al alloys - General macrostructure
CdTe (111) wafers - Chemical polishing
CdTe single cystal ingot - Chemical cleaning
Cerium - Chemical etching
Chromium - Cr and Cr alloys
Cobalt - Chemical polishing
Cobalt and alloys - Pure Co, Co base superalloys
Copper (pure) - Dislocation etching
Copper - Al bronzes, Cu-Be alloys
Copper - Brasses containing Si, Si bronzes - General macrostructure
Copper - Electrolytic polishing
Cu and Cu alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Cu and Cu alloys - General macrostructure
Cu, brass (high Zn content) - Attack polishing
Cu-Fe, Cu-Co alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Cu-Zn-Al alloy - 47Cu-21Zn-2Al
Electroless nickel 2 plating
Epsilon phase in Pb-Sb-Sn alloys - Chemical etching
Fe and steel - Electrolytic polishing
Fe, low-alloy steels
Fe, low-carbon steels, Fe-20% Ni-5% Mn alloy - Chemical polishing
Fe-Al alloy - Alloys with 49-54% Fe
Ferric chloride etchant - Nickel superalloys
Ferromanganese, manganese silicate and Mn-Si-Cr alloys - Chemical etching
Fuss's etchant - Wrought aluminium alloy - Chemical etching
GaAs (100) wafers and other orientations - Chemical etching
GaAs (100) wafers fabricated as diodes - Electrolytic polishing
GaAsP wafers as highly p-type doped with Mn - Dislocation etching
Gamma-prime-age hardening, Ni-base alloys, grain-boundaries etch - Chemical etching
Graphene etchant
HS-31, HA-151, N-155 (Co alloys) - General macrostructure
Hastelloy B, B2, B3, N, and W alloys
Hastelloy and Haynes alloys
Heppenstall etchant - Nickel superalloys
High speed steels - Chemical etching
High speed steels - Electrolytic etching
In2O3 (1010) oriented thin films - Chemical etching
InGaAsP as thin film layers - Chemical etching
InP (100) p-type wafers - Chemical etching
InP (100) wafers - Chemical etching
InP (100) wafers Cut 3?-off toward (110) - Chemical polishing
InSb - Dislocation etching
Indium - Electrolytic polishing
Iron and steels - Chemical etching
Iron and steels - Chemical etching
Iron, steel specimens, cast irons - Verification, arrangemnet, and distribution of Fe and Mn sulfide inclusions - Baumann's print
Lead print I
Lead print II
Lead print III
LiNbO3 - Dislocation etching
Lichtenegger-Bloech's etchant (L-B) - Austenitic CrNi steels
Macro etchant for Mg and Mg alloys
Magnesia (MgO) - Chemical etching
Meyer and Eichholz's No. 1 etchant - For iron and steels - General macrostructure
Mg and alloys - Chemical etching
Mg-Al-Zn-Mn alloys - General macrostructure
Mn-Sn system - Quoted for non-stoichometric Mn-Sn alloys
Mo and some alloys - Chemical etching
Modified SNECMA "Dark Etch" etchant - Nickel superalloys
Molybdenum - Dislocation etching
Molybdenum - Electrolytic thinning
Molybdenum - Mo and Mo base alloys
Murakami's etchant - Ni-Cu alloys and superalloys - Chemical etching
Murakami's etchant - V and V-O alloys - Chemical etching
Nb and Nb alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Nb and alloys - Chemical etching
Nb-Ti alloys - Chemical etching
Neptunium - Electrolytic polishing
Ni and Ni alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Ni, Ni-Cr and Ni-Fe alloys - Electrolytic etching
Ni-Mn alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Ni-based superalloys - General macrostructure
Nickel deposits on steel - Chemical etching
Nimonic Etch - Alloy 720Li
Niobium, Tantalum - Attack polishing
Noren's etchant - Steel weld - Chemical etching
Oxide scale - NiO - Potentiostatic etching
Pb and Pb alloys - Electrolytic polishing
Pb and most alloys - General macrostructure
Pb-Sn alloy - Chemical cleaning
Picklesimer's anodizing solution - Zr and alloys - Electrolytic etching
PtSb2 - Dislocation etching
Pure Pb, Pb-Sn and Pb-Ca alloys - Chemical etching
Pure Pt and Pt with alloy content Rh, Ru, Ir, and Os - Chemical etching
Pure U, pure Th - Electrolytic etching
RNO etchant - For revealing secondary carbides in steel
Retained austenite etchant IV - Steels - Chemical etching
Rh alloys - Electrolytic etching
Selenium - Si, Te, Se
Seven acid?s etchant - Alloy 945
SiC reaction bonded - Electrolytic etching
SiO2 - Dislocation etching
Silicon - Chemical etching
Silver - Electrolytic polishing
Sn-Sb-Pb alloys - General macrostructure
Sn-based babbitt metal - Chemical etching
Stainless steels - Electrolytic polishing
Steels - Chemical polishing
Struers electrolyte A2-II - For Al, Fe, Ni, Ag, stainless steel, steel, Sn, Ti - Dislocation etching
Struers electrolyte E5-II - Brass, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron - Dislocation etching
Sulfide etchant of Kunkele - Iron and steels - Chemical etching
Tantalum - Attack polishing
Th and Th alloys - Electrolytic polishing - Dislocation etching
Ti alloys - Chemical etching
Ti alloys - General macrostructure
Ti-Nb diffusion couple - Electrolytic etching
TiC coated steel - Structure of titanium carbide layer
Tungsten - Electromechanical polishing
U-Al alloys - Chemical etching
U-Mo and U-Zr alloys - Chemical etching
U-Nb alloys - Potentiostatic etching
UO2 - Dislocation etching
Uranium - Electrolytic polishing
W and W alloys - Electrolytic polishing - Dislocation etching
WC-Co or Ni matrix with Mo2C, TiC, WC2, TaC - Chemical etching
Watertoen Arsenal's etchant - Fe and most steels - General macrostructure
ZK60A alloy - General macrostructure
Zinc - Chemical polishing
Zinc - Electrolytic polishing
Zirconium - Attack polishing
Zn and Zn alloys - Electrolytic polishing - Dislocation etching
Zr and Zr alloys - Electrolytic polishing - Dislocation etching
Zr, Zr-Si, Zr-B, Zr-Nb, and Zr-Fe alloys - Chemical etching

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